Another great fighter to look out for on the 24/Seven Entertainment card “SELF MADE” ( October 20th / Far West Event Center in Odessa, TX ) Multi time grappling phenom Bruno Bastos representing RhinoBJJ/Nova Uniao out of Midland,Texas. Caught him on the road but here’s what he had to say!

sPidA: Tell us a bit about the RHINO BJJ Academy in Midland,Texas. What can those looking to learn BJJ/MMA expect from the facility?

Bastos: Rhino BJJ is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA school with high level instruction. I’ve competed since 10 years old always representing big team always having great people/fighters around. That’s created on me the winning mentality so I’m trying to pass it to my students for them to get their goals in life. At Rhino you gonna want to be a winner!

sPidA: Being a decorated grappler, what keeps you motivated in competition?

Bastos: I love what I do. Plus I really believe that students can trust on what you teach them if they can see you doing it in real action. I don’t win all the time but I’m trying to be the best myself and that motivate everyone around me.

sPidA- Can you tell us your lineage in Nova Uniao? Who is your direct instructor?

Bastos: I’m Black Belt under Wendell Alexander, co-founder of Nova Uniao with Andre Pederneiras. People here in US know Pederneiras more about the MMA , but we’re all family. I’m honored to be under Wendell who came from Fadda lineage and not Gracie, but it’s honor represent Pederneiras as well who came from Gracie lineage.

sPidA: You have had many great competitions in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, is there one that you have learned from the most?

Bastos: Well, I learn with a win or if I lose ,so I would say what I learn most is to give always 100%. Win or lose you going home knowing that you got what you deserved.

sPidA: This past month you had opened up your training camp with Paul Buentello to all fighters , how did the training go and did you you guys have a great turn out?

Bastos: The training was awesome and I learned a lot with Paul. Isn’t everyday you have chance to work with high level veteran of the game. Lot of guys came during the camp and I’m sure they enjoyed as well.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent for Oct 20th, are you feeling any pressure going into this bout?

Bastos: I can see that he’s good in everything. He knows striking, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. For sure it’s going to be hard fight for me but I’m not feeling pressure. I feel like that’s new challenge for me and I’m very happy to do it.

sPidA: Did watch UFC 152? Your thoughts on the Belfort -vs- Jones fight? Should he have broken his arm instead of taking it easy?

Bastos: I was able to watch and Belfort didn’t take easy. People misunderstood, what happen is sometimes you relax a little when you feel that you have it like he had Jones but anyways Jones showed heart and I think people should respect both fighters. Lot of people who talk do not understand what’s going on in a fight.

sPidA: You are currently in Bulgaria, can you tell us a bit about this trip?

I’m working with UFC fighter Stanislav Nedkov since 2009 ,when he was at Japanese show Sengoku. He’s great fighter, never lost match and getting ready for Thiago Silva on UFC Macau next November. Since both of us have fights coming up, he invited me to be part of his camp and use that as part of my own camp as well. Here we training each other, plus having boxing London Olympic Medalist with us, great wrestlers and Bulgarian Olympic Team Boxing Coach. I’ll be back in Midland on October 8th and there my brother Rico Bastos gonna be with me to finish my camp. He’s not only my brother but BJJ World Champ as well, so I think I’m having great camp so far.


sPidA- Come Oct 20th, what can the fight fans expect from your match?

Bastos- They can expect a War and nothing less.

sPidA- Thank you brother, have a safe trip coming home. Anything you would like to add to this interview?

Bastos- I would like to thank my sponsors JAIME BARRON P. C. IMMIGRATION LAW GROUP , TEXASMMASHOP.COM , BLACK COMBAT PROTEIN SHAKE and Fight Fetish (https://www.facebook.com/FightFetishInc). Also thank you for the interview . OSSS

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