“Don’t call me Baby.” Interview with Paulina Granados by sPidA

Interview with Paulina Granados by sPidA

Paulina Granados will be fighting this Sat Jan 15 in San Antonio,TX and will be representing American Revolution Muay Thai and Submission Center in Corpus Christi. Her and her team mates will have none other than 2x UFC Heavyweight Champion Maurice Smith in there corner… so sit back and enjoy!!

sPidA: Paulina, you have had 1 Muay Thai fight in Oklahoma, do you feel this was enough to build confidence to step inside the Cage?

Paulina Granados: Yes I do, I have always wanted to compete in MMA. I just wanted to test my stand up and see how I dealt under pressure. I won that match by unanimouse decision.

sPidA: I know the owner/head coach Freddie Meellin is a student of former UFC heavyweight champion Marice Smith, so he definetly knows his stand up. What else do they teach at the Academy?

Paulina Granados: We train under the Maurice Smith Fighting System. Freddy is a very technical trainer and teaches us alot of detail plus we also have a Jiu-jitsu classes as well as wrestling taught there. I train in everything!

sPidA: What do your friends and family think about you training MMA?

Paulina Granados: My friends think its cool that I’m training. My family, well my mom worries. She doesnt want me to get cuts or scars on my face but I grew up tom boyish. Always trying things.

sPidA: Are you a girly girl? I mean, are you still tom boyish like you say?

Paulina Granados: No, not anymore. I like getting my hair and nails done. I like taking care of myself.

sPidA: How do you feel when guys call you sweetie, cutie or baby?

Paulina Granados: When I was single, I would say, dont call me baby! I wouldnt let guys call me that. I wouldn’t let them to get comfortable saying that, especially when if I wasn’t their girlfriend.

sPidA: Well said! Were you involved in any other sports growing up?

Paulina Granados: I was in High School. I was involved in Power lifting, Volleyball and the track team. I stayed pretty active.

sPidA: Whats on your schedule as of now? Are you doing this full time?

Paulina Granados: Right now I do this full time. I work nights as a bartender plus I help teach a womens strentgh and conditioning class.

sPidA: I know woman don’t like the weight questions but what weight class will you be fighting in? Did you have to adjust in any way?

Paulina Granados: I had to go down in weight a bit but not by much. I’m in the 115 lbs division. I love to eat (laughter)! My friends laugh because I always have dessert with my meals but I train hard and have no problems burning it off.

sPidA: What are you looking at after your fight this Saturday?

Paulina Granados: After this fight, I want to fight again. Hopefully in March but I’m just thinking about this fight right now.

sPidA: You had a fight in Ok so are you still willing to travel for a competition?

Paulina Granados: Oh yeah, I have a very supportive team, my training partners and coaches help out alot!

sPidA: Thank you once again Paulina. Wish you the best in your carreer. Any last words or anyone you’d like to thank?

Paulina Granados: Yes! You guys for the interview, my coaches: Freddy Medellin, Locker Munsell, Jared Perez, Chris Pecero, my training partners, as well as my sponsors: Mark Gonzalez Attorney at Law, Tussle Fight Gear, E&B Construction, Furious Fightwear, Rocks Discount Vitamins N More, Affiliated For Life, Sean Weaver-Sports Medicine. Hope to see everybody come to the fights on the 15th!


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