Interview with Elias “SMASH” Garcia. Out of Weapons at Hand/Corpus Christi,TX. Garcia has overcame many obstacles and has always showed up to fight! Bound ABG “ALAMO SHOWDOWN 5 ” on Nov 17th / La Villita Assembly Hall in San Antonio,TX. www.CageTix.com. Here we go!

sPidA: Come Nov 17th,you will finally be making your Pro MMA debut, how do you feel about this?

Garcia : I’m feeling really good, feels as if all my experience as an amateur will be paying off.

sPidA: As an amateur Mixed Martial Artist you have won multiple titles,which win meant the most to you as an amateur?

Garcia: The fight that meant the most to me was my first fight, I was low on the cards but was able to finish it with a sweet tko victory!

sPidA: Your coming off an unfortunate loss ,come Nov 17th,are you looking to make a statement?

Garcia: As with any loss,you definitely want to make a statement coming back, me even more because the guy I’m fighting is team mates with my last opponent. LoL

sPidA: I’ve been following your career for over a year now,you have overcame many obstacles,one has been fighting guys bigger than you, have you always liked challenges?

Garcia: I believe if your a fighter,then you want challenges. I’ve constantly have had to come up a weight class or two then my preferred weight class of flyweight. Take this fight for example,my opponent didn’t think he could make 125lbs so were doing catch weight of 128. No problem for me,I walk around at 132 so it’ll be an easy cut.

sPidA: You have a legit training camp and have also been cross training,can you give us some names of the people beating you up in the gym,getting you ready for your pro debut?

Garcia: I’ve been training with everybody at the gym but the guys that have been really helping me are both Aaron”ANARCHY”Gomez and Jason “Mauler” Cantu. These guys have been training with me in the mornings and evenings and have been helping me with where I need to be. Have been training with the guys from PARAGON/Full Contact Academy also.

sPidA: Your no stranger to San Antonio and have fought at La Villita Assembly Hall,thoughts on coming back for the same promotion and venue?

Garcia: Last time at La Villita,things didn’t end on a good note,looking to change that come Nov 17th. Love fighting for ABG, Galindo always takes care of me when I have fought for him.

sPidA: You had taken the step to come off your Military life and into a civilian one,what led to this transition and what Military branch are you coming out off?

Garcia: I’m coming out of the U.S.Coast Guard and while only being able to train 2-3 days out of the week due to my work schedule, I think I did pretty well in my fights. So I figured I would see how far I can get in this sport f I get off active duty. Sonow, I’m training 5-6 days a week and I feel great!

sPidA: You were suppose to make your pro debut in Robstown,TX a few months back,what happened and how did you go about staying prepared mentally for your pro debut fight come Nov 17th?

Garcia: I had to pull out of that Robstown fight due to paperwork issues. Was the first time I had to do that and it was very frustrating. You prepared long and hard for a fight and your body literally feels confused,like it’s supposed to be doing something.Kind of a weird way to describe it but that’s exactly how it felt. LoL

sPidA: You have managed a good following and have kept many sponsors interested in helping you make your dreams a reality,who are the people helping you through this journey?

Garcia: The people helping me through my journey are definitely my sponsors: Ring to Cage, Eyez Low Entertainment,my strength and conditioning coach Victor from VFIT, Rocks Discount Vitamins , Mi Guerra , Napa Auto Parts South side,OGC III , Elisha Lucas, Doctor Enrique Castro Chiropratic and Acupuncture , WAJ Clothing, my Manager Brian Sosa and of course Big O from SWOLLE.

sPidA: You have side shows like “Celebrity Boxing” where non athletes are cashing in top dollar,who would you fight if given the opportunity in this show?

Garcia: I think I would like to fight Justin Beiber. LoL Not sure why but something about that kid makes me want to punch him in the face.

sPidA: I hear ya on that one, HA..Thank you brotha, we will see you Nov 17th in San Antonio,any last minute comments before we wrap this up?

Garcia: Thank you so much for the interview, would like to give a HUGE thank you to my friends and fans following me and showing me support. To my Team Weapons at Hand and coaches Rudy and Stacy. Can’t wait to fight this wknd, I promise to leave it all in the Cage! Be sure to like my FB page ” Elias SMASH Garcia” and follow me on Twitter @wahSMASH.

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