Interview with Elias “SMASH” Garcia. Out of Weapons at Hand/Corpus Christi,TX. Garcia has overcame many obstacles and has always showed up to fight! Bound ABG “ALAMO SHOWDOWN 5 ” on Nov 17th / La Villita Assembly Hall in San Antonio,TX. www.CageTix.com. Here we go!

sPidA: Come Nov 17th,you will finally be making your Pro MMA debut, how do you feel about this?

Garcia : I’m feeling really good, feels as if all my experience as an amateur will be paying off.

sPidA: As an amateur Mixed Martial Artist you have won multiple titles,which win meant the most to you as an amateur?

Garcia: The fight that meant the most to me was my first fight, I was low on the cards but was able to finish it with a sweet tko victory!

sPidA: Your coming off an unfortunate loss ,come Nov 17th,are you looking to make a statement?

Garcia: As with any loss,you definitely want to make a statement coming back, me even more because the guy I’m fighting is team mates with my last opponent. LoL

sPidA: I’ve been following your career for over a year now,you have overcame many obstacles,one has been fighting guys bigger than you, have you always liked challenges?

Garcia: I believe if your a fighter,then you want challenges. I’ve constantly have had to come up a weight class or two then my preferred weight class of flyweight. Take this fight for example,my opponent didn’t think he could make 125lbs so were doing catch weight of 128. No problem for me,I walk around at 132 so it’ll be an easy cut.

sPidA: You have a legit training camp and have also been cross training,can you give us some names of the people beating you up in the gym,getting you ready for your pro debut?

Garcia: I’ve been training with everybody at the gym but the guys that have been really helping me are both Aaron”ANARCHY”Gomez and Jason “Mauler” Cantu. These guys have been training with me in the mornings and evenings and have been helping me with where I need to be. Have been training with the guys from PARAGON/Full Contact Academy also.

sPidA: Your no stranger to San Antonio and have fought at La Villita Assembly Hall,thoughts on coming back for the same promotion and venue?

Garcia: Last time at La Villita,things didn’t end on a good note,looking to change that come Nov 17th. Love fighting for ABG, Galindo always takes care of me when I have fought for him.

sPidA: You had taken the step to come off your Military life and into a civilian one,what led to this transition and what Military branch are you coming out off?

Garcia: I’m coming out of the U.S.Coast Guard and while only being able to train 2-3 days out of the week due to my work schedule, I think I did pretty well in my fights. So I figured I would see how far I can get in this sport f I get off active duty. Sonow, I’m training 5-6 days a week and I feel great!

sPidA: You were suppose to make your pro debut in Robstown,TX a few months back,what happened and how did you go about staying prepared mentally for your pro debut fight come Nov 17th?

Garcia: I had to pull out of that Robstown fight due to paperwork issues. Was the first time I had to do that and it was very frustrating. You prepared long and hard for a fight and your body literally feels confused,like it’s supposed to be doing something.Kind of a weird way to describe it but that’s exactly how it felt. LoL

sPidA: You have managed a good following and have kept many sponsors interested in helping you make your dreams a reality,who are the people helping you through this journey?

Garcia: The people helping me through my journey are definitely my sponsors: Ring to Cage, Eyez Low Entertainment,my strength and conditioning coach Victor from VFIT, Rocks Discount Vitamins , Mi Guerra , Napa Auto Parts South side,OGC III , Elisha Lucas, Doctor Enrique Castro Chiropratic and Acupuncture , WAJ Clothing, my Manager Brian Sosa and of course Big O from SWOLLE.

sPidA: You have side shows like “Celebrity Boxing” where non athletes are cashing in top dollar,who would you fight if given the opportunity in this show?

Garcia: I think I would like to fight Justin Beiber. LoL Not sure why but something about that kid makes me want to punch him in the face.

sPidA: I hear ya on that one, HA..Thank you brotha, we will see you Nov 17th in San Antonio,any last minute comments before we wrap this up?

Garcia: Thank you so much for the interview, would like to give a HUGE thank you to my friends and fans following me and showing me support. To my Team Weapons at Hand and coaches Rudy and Stacy. Can’t wait to fight this wknd, I promise to leave it all in the Cage! Be sure to like my FB page ” Elias SMASH Garcia” and follow me on Twitter @wahSMASH.


Stepping back inside the Cage come Nov 17th, Sammy Smith out of Junction,TX will be representing his Team / Brought On MMA (Kerville,TX) This will be taking place in Abiline,Texas for the Premiere Fight Association’s “FIGHT NIGHT 3” Here we talk his past experience, his pro debut among more, lets get started!

sPidA: What’s your experience with combat sports, what’s was your amateur status like?

CRASH: I have always been a athletic person, I’ve played a lot of sports in my life but I am in love with being a cage fighter, no matter what happens win, lose, or draw, you leave it in the cage. I never had a sanctioned fight, until my pro debut. I never had the chance to get inside the cage other than smokers, and little gym wars and such. but non sanctioned I did pretty good.

sPidA: Did you know you wanted to compete in Mixed Martial Arts,what brought you to the sport?

CRASH: I never thought about competing, until i went to my first fight, I used to work for Gregg and Kevin Stephens, they owned Hard Rock Boxing & MMA out of Abilene TX, we built boxing rings and MMA cages. We had a cage we rented to promoters, after that first time I was hooked.

sPidA: You made your Pro debut on Oct 7th, how well prepared were you for that fight?

CRASH: I was very prepared for the fight i worked out and trained for three months hardcore, i was preparing to fight Joshua Franklin from Las Vegas, but the fight fell through, so George stepped up and gave me my debut.

sPidA: Many lose sight and don’t listen to their corner once inside,what was your game plan and was the outcome what you had in mind?

CRASH: yeah I’ve been there and have disobeyed my corner before, my game plan for the fight with George Trujillo was to go in there and feel him out and not rush him, but I flipped the switch when the bell rang.I didnt expect him to tap out like he did, it was a good win.

sPidA: This next bought in Nov 17th in Abiline,what have you stepped up in your training,are you prepared for a 3 round war?

CRASH: I have stepped up my cardio but I have not changed anything, I always train hard and give it all 100%, I stay ready for war bro, I am always up for a good few rounds.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent,have you modified your fight plan,which do you prefer,stand up or the ground game?

CRASH: I have seen alot of Michael Rosenbergs last fights, his record is 0-5 as an amateur, and 0-3 as a pro, I see no reason to modify my way of fighting unless it stops working for me in the future. I can stand and bang with the best of them, But everybody will be suprised with my ground game once its been seen.

sPidA: Many use anger before a bout to fight,do you go in there with aggression or does the aggression kick in once the Cage doors lock?

CRASH: You cant go into a fight mad, you have to have a clear mind and a full heart.For me personaly, when I hear my entrance song and the crowd I feel the beast building up, but when the cage door shuts, the switch is engaged, and its on.

sPidA: How much support did you have for your debut, are you getting that much more support for this next one?

CRASH: I have a great following and tons of support, I am the first Professional Athlete to ever come out of Junction, Tx. So I have a lot of people looking at me to succeed, I went into my pro debut with alot of fans and I’m happy to say that my popularity is growing with fans and sponsors.

sPidA: The movie “Here comes the Boom” came out a few weeks ago, if actor Kevin James where to make an actual Pro debut and call you out,would you accept and after watching the movie,what would your game plan be?

CRASH: LoL , man that movie was awesome, but ummmmm as for me and Kevin, I would fight him in a heart beat! I would go into the fight as I would go into any fight…. Ready to engage.

sPidA: What’s your workout regime look like,what days do you train and which workouts do you do on set days?

CRASH: I am working on getting my cardio back to the way it was.I took a few years off from fighting when I started my family.
I train 6 days a week. working on my striking, Muay Thai, and my ground game. I don’t really have set days it just depends on what my trainers want, I just give it my all.

sPidA: Texas has some great heavyweights, is there a message you want to send them ,which fighters have you seen fight or have been impressed with from here in Texas?

CRASH: There is no message, Texas and the surrounding states have some really good heavyweights. Lord willing i will be given the opportunity to step into the cage with as many of them as possible. I want to be known as one of the best of the best heavyweight fighters in Texas, I have a lot of work to do but ill make it. Ive seen a lot of my competition and i do my homework on them all, I can honestly say that I’m impressed by a few, the first is Richard Odoms, he is a really talented fighter, with wins over quite a few well named fighters. The next guy I’m interested in is Jesse Hernandez, he is a great fighter and he finishes his fights fast.

sPidA: Thank you bro,wish you the best come Nov 127th,any last minute words to your friends,family and sponsors?

CRASH: Thank you very much for the opportunity and allowing me to have this interview. I want to thank all of my friends and family without the never ending love and support I wouldn’t be here. Big thanks to all of my sponsors for helping me get this far, this is only the beginning, and to all my BOYS AT BROUGHT-ON MMA, were here to stay. At last my wonderful wife and kids, thanks for standing beside me and being my purpose and drive to compete and give this sport my all!

“I HAVE BEEN TRAINING HARDER THAN EVER!” Interview with Amber Stautsenberger

Was set to fight Ivana Colaman 9/22/12 in Ft. Worth, Texas at Premier Fight Series 2, now facing Paige VanZant out of Las Vegas. Making her long awaited Pro Debut, here we have a few words with Amber Stautzenberger.

sPidA: You’re making your pro debut, finally. How do you feel about this?

Stautzenberger: I’m very excited and have been waiting for a long time!

sPidA: Were you able to attend the first event for Premiere Fight Series, if so, what were your thoughts on their first show?

Stautzenberger: I did attend the first event. I enjoyed it. Just about all the fights were entertaining. I think this second show will have an even better turn out in regards to the fans.

sPidA: Your opponent was changed just last week, what do you know about your new opponent, have you changed any of your training or just training harder?

Stautzenberger: I have seen a couple of Paige’s fights. She is young, but has a great future in the sport. She’s constantly active and aggressive.I have been training harder than ever and been working a lot on my technique. I feel it will not only do me good in this fight, but for all my fights to come. We will put on a great fight.

sPidA: Seems like women in Mixed Martial Arts have been getting a lot of attention lately, any pressure? What are your thoughts on this?

Stautzenberger: No pressure. I kind of like to stay out or the starlight, but it’s good that WMMA is getting attention.

sPidA: Your last fight was a tough one against Tecia Torres, what did you learn from that fight?

Stautzenberger: Yes, it was a tough fight. Tecia is experienced and is a great person/fighter. I learned how and how not to cut weight. LoL I learned from my mistakes and I know I will perform better from here on out.

sPidA: She is also making her move to Pro debut as well , Fighting for INVICTA, Possible future re-match?

Stautzenberger: I would love to fight her again. Start of fresh as professionals. I think it will happen in good time.Good luck to Tecia on her debut!

sPidA: If you weren’t competing in Mixed Martial Arts, what sport would you more likely be involved in?

Stautzenberger: I have no idea!! I did several sports in high school, but not any that I would have actually done anything with, besides any sort of martial arts, I guess I would continue to lift weights.

sPidA: Last interview you had said you work teaching others how to paint, are you selling any paintings or possibly thinking about it?

Stautzenberger: I actually do sell paintings. I just sold a watercolor painting recently of someone’s home that got destroyed 50 years ago. I love painting the human figure most, but I work with what’s wanted as well.

sPidA: With UFC 151 cancelled, what were your thoughts on this? Most hate Jones, others love him. Should the UFC put that much power on a fighters status?

Stautzenberger: It’s kind of sad the the whole card was cancelled because of one match, but at the same time I understand that that was the fight everyone was paying to see, though I know it still could have been an entertaining event.

sPidA: Thank you Amber, wishing you the best of luck. Any last minute comments to your friends,  family and sponsors?

Stautzenberger: For those who aren’t able to attend the event, it can be viewed streaming live at: www.premierfights.net . My fight will also be recorded and shown on a later date on TimeWarner Cable. I want to thank my coaches and teammates at Mohler’s MMA. My coach, William Campuzano, puts a lot of time into me and that’s something I really appreciate. Also I want to thank my sponsors, who help out so much: www.AMMOTOGO.com , NOKOUT, M. King Construction Inc, Co. (from Dilley,TX) M. Holcomb FNC-P Inova Richardson – Family Practice.
I also want to thank my family who is going to drive up to my fight! They haven’t been to one of my fights since 2009, because they are always out of state!

CAGE COMBAT 10 – July 27th 2012 in Humble, TX

Garcia Promotions Cage Combat 10

Friday July 27, 2012
Pending TDLR Approval

Morris Baker (D.O.A. Fight Team) VS. Victor Lomax (Ground Dwellers) -125
Jose Gomez (CDM) VS. Eric Caminos (Metro Fight Club) – 155
Andrew Farnhof (Unleashed) VS. Antonio Anderson (Midtown MMA) – 205
Julio Rodrigues (pound 4 pound) VS. Lucas Aguirre (Team Tooke) – 170
Chris Rivera (ACS) VS. Dat Nguyen (Windy MMA) – 135
Jose Ceja (ATT Beaumont) VS. Cameron Graves (Team Tooke) – 145
Edgar Juarez (Paradigm) VS. Brandon Gauthier (Team Tooke/Jace Pitre MMA) – 155
Chris Sutton (GB Katy) VS. Eric Thompson (Silverback)– 185
James Clark (Team Unleashed) VS. Joe Whichard (Kingwood MMA) – 180
Yan Digalov (Paradigm) VS. John “Chile” Rodriguez (Silverback) – 145
Juan Dominguez (Paradigm) VS. Joel Garcia (One MMA) – HVY
Carver Bennett (BVMMA) VS. Fabian Galvez (ACS) – 170
Ralph Garcia (CSI BJJ Galveston) VS. Kolton Englund (Silverback) – 155
Daniel Delgado (Paradigm) VS. Carlos Jimenez (4oz) – 135 Title
James Powell (Fight Science) VS. Jose Llanas (Team Tooke / Jace Pitre mma) – 170 Title

Fight Card courtesy of TXMMA.com

Jesse Rodriguez Promotions & Premier Fight Series – July 28th at the Ft. Worth Convention Center

Premier Fight Series
Jesse Rodriguez Promotions
Premier Fight Series @ the Ft. Worth Convention Center
Date/Time: July 28, 2012 7:00 PM
Location: 1201 Houston St.
Fort Worth, Texas

Chas Skelly vs Luis Vega
Brian Cox vs Victor Reyna
Daniel Trevino vs Michael De La Garza
Kevin McGee vs Quaint Kempf
Ivan Cole vs Kashif Solarin
Tristan Grimsley vs Sidney Cawdrey
Jay Flores vs Doug Andrade
Casey Hudson vs Jonathan Wise
Alex Madrid vs Armando Herrera
Andrew Parker vs Marshall Gorham

“I want to look into their soul and break them…” Cody “WOLVERINE” Williams

Interview with Mixed Martial Artist Cody “WOLVERINE” Williams , he will be traveling to Louisiana/Delta Downs on July 7th. Fighting out of Beaumont,Texas, The Main Event and a great opt for him to bring back the IXFA Title…Let’s keep Texas Fighting!!

sPidA: You came out with a BANG from ammy to Pro, was there alot of pressure making the transition?

Cody: No pressure at all it was just time and after getting the nod from American Top Team HQ that i was ready it was just finding a fight after that.

sPidA: You’ve had 5 bouts as a PRO fighter, other then getting paid to punch people, what has been the best thing about finally going Pro?

Cody: Bigger stages to perform on – businesses tend to take you more serious when you sit down and talk with them and you’re a professional fighter – unfortunately theres no governing body to filter talent and someone who just applies for their pro card

sPidA: Your last bout was an unfortunate loss, how where you able to stay focus and prepare for a title shot /IXFA?

Cody: A hiccup – both losses have just been fractional errors on my part – Benoit said he was going to bring a fight to me so when I backed up to let him up he hit me with a savvy little trip move and took the back – kudos to him for the win – but if you watch the fight I think we know who was bringing the heat.

sPidA: Will fighting for IXFA in the Delta Downs be the first time fighting outside the State of Texas?

Cody: I have fought in Louisiana a couple of times as an amateur but this will be the first trip as a professional

sPidA: Your waiting backstage and they finally call your name to walk out, what goes through your mind and what helps you stay focused?

Cody: I just look down at the cage as a playground and try to make as much eye contact with my opponent as possible – i want to look in their soul and break them before the first bell ever rings – i just tell myself this guy signed a contract will full intent to beat me up and take my money, my sons money and food – that will drive any person.

sPidA: I’ve personally followed your social media outlets, (FB/TWITTER etc) How important is it for a fighter to manage there status and how has this been helping you in your fighting career?

Cody: Its worked for me – I haven’t put on a show or a gimmick I mean I post what going on with me and give the fans and sponsors an inside view of what goes on with me – also has helped me build a fan base that i might not have been able to do by just fighting.

sPidA: With so many MMA movies out there, which has been your fave so far and if given the opt, would you star in one?

Cody: I liked Warrior – the story about the teacher was cool and grabbed the audience – I saw a lot of what i fight for in his character and working for the law firm at that time had a lot of the same feelings – showing up to work with bruises and black eyes having to go in front of other professionals was kinda awkward but I made it out like, “yeah this is a real black eye and busted lip” as far as the plot it was okay but i really favored that particular character – The Mickey Ward story was really good too! I think it was The Fighter? Hands down though i have to go with the messy bare knuckled boxer in “Snatch”!! I think my story would make a great movie – and would love to star in one – I think I could be a pretty good actor in a movie even if it wasn’t my story necessarily

sPidA: Your work outs are insane and your always pushing yourself to the limit, what keeps you motivated to pursue your dreams?

Cody: Goes to my son – I mean I’ve made the transition to train full time now and its hard not knowing where that next paycheck will come from – I started my own business and have been working on getting it off the ground – everyday is a blessing there are people out there that have children that cant walk or be active in anyway, kids that would do anything just to see what it feels like to run down the street or catch a baseball, “God gives us these talents and if you sit idle on them he may just take them away” I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a position where i couldnt workout or train so when im tired or feel like I cant make that last round I just think about how blessed I am and suck it up and push through it

sPidA: Not to over look your next opponent but after the Title win,what’s next on your Mixed Martial Arts agenda?

Cody: keep training keep fighting – I’ll be going back to American Top Team in Florida after this fight to do some more training and hopefully getting ready to take another fight – Legacy, IXFA, Fight Time in Florida and BAMMA USA in Cali have all shown interest but currently I have 2 more fights on my contract with Legacy so they have first pick.

sPidA: Thank you brother, best to you in your travels and keeping Texas Fighting, any last shouts to your friends,fans and sponsors?

Cody: I want to thank my family and support system that has made it possible for me to train full time – my friends for believing in me even when I don’t come out of the cage with a win they are always there to pick me up – to GOD for blessing me and keeping me motivated through my son – all my sponsors especially Sign Builders of America in Austin , Major League Grill, Trey Lacy DDS, Spidle Oil, West LTD, APAC Construction all located here in South East Texas, 88MilesWest.com and ZeroCutCreative.com and the newest addition to my team World Gym here in Beaumont – they are doing some great things for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and im stoked to be a part of that! Certainly American Top Team and The Mostyn Law Firm for all that they have done. My boy SUBTRAXZ (Chris Sublett) and Headz Will Roll Recordz for all the custom sounds that i get to workout too and walkout to! And to Cruz Combat for the custom fight shorts i love them cant wait to walk down to the cage July 7th!!! TexasFighting.com!!!!