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On November 14, 2009, TAMMA conducted the very first “Heroes Fighting Championship” on Ft. Sam Houston Army Post. The event included a No-Gi Submission Tournament and Amateur MMA. One of the TAMMA registered fighters was Jorge Deleon. Jorge is a disabled veteran who lost his right leg from the knee down. Jorge was injured when his Hum-Vee struck an anti-tank mine while serving in Afghanistan.

The Texas Department of License and Regulation, Combative Sports Division (TDLR) has launched an investigation because of Jorge’s participation. According to TDLR General Counsel Brad Bowman, Mr. Deleon’s prosthesis falls into the same category as “necklaces, jewelry, or other piercings” and thus disqualifies Mr. Deleon from competition. Pending this investigation “No TAMMA events will be approved” per TDLR Administrator Greg Alvarez. We will attempt to keep all our members up to date as this matter progresses through the Administrative Process.

TAMMA maintains that our role as an amateur organization is to promote our sport and encourage participation of every member to the best of thier ability without regard to race, sex, national origin, or disability. We feel that for anyone to deny Jorge Deleon the opportunity to compete after the incredible sacrifice he made is just plain “OFFENSIVE.”

Jorge Deleon video clip starts 27 seconds in on the Heroes Fighting Championship video.

Stay tuned at TexasFighting.com for an in-depth report…

Shark Fights 7 Official Fight Results

Shark Fights 7 pics TREVOR PRANGLEY

Main Event, Light Heavyweight (Championship Bout)
Trevor Prangley defeated Marcus Sursa 4:40 into the 1st round via rear naked choke

Co-Main Event, Welterweight
Liam McCarty defeated Tony Castillo 2:03 into the 2nd round via triangle choke

Kyle Bracey defeated Steven Ray 2:02 into the 2nd round via north south choke

128 Catchweight
Brandi Hainey defeated Yadira Anzaldua 1:03 into the 2nd round via guillotine choke

Jared Lopez defeated Tyler Dodson 46 seconds into the 1st round via KO

Josh Luna defeated Chase Watson 1:27 into the 1st round via referee stoppage (strikes)

190 Catchweight
Eric Rodriguez defeated Joshua Milward 1:07 into the 1st round via rear naked choke

Luis Luna defeated Severo Padilla 58 seconds into the 1st round via KO

Shark Fights 7 picsShark Fights 7 pics
About Shark Fight Promotions:

Shark Fight Promotions, based out of Amarillo Texas, is an up and coming Fight Promotion Company dedicated to driving the growth of mixed martial arts through the production of high quality MMA events and by effectively showcasing MMA fighters. The organization takes pride in putting the fans and fighters first; therefore they strive to make each Shark Fight event more exciting than the last. Executives within the organization are committed to producing impressive fight cards with extremely competitive matchups. They are also very passionate about their philanthropic endeavors. Shark Fight Promotions stays very involved in charity causes by partnering with, and contributing to, non-profit organizations in each city that hosts a Shark Fight Promotions event.

Shark Fight Promotions: Official Shark Fight 7 Weigh-In Results

Shark Fight Weigh ins

Shark Fight 7 features a total of seven action packed bouts, including the organizations first light heavyweight title fight. Local fan favorite Marcus “Money” Sursa will face UFC veteran Trevor Prangley in the main event title fight. The winner will be named Shark Fight’s light heavyweight champion.

Shark Fight 7 – Official Fight Card and Weigh In Results:
Trevor Prangley (202.25 lbs) vs. Marcus “Money” Sursa (204.75 lbs)
Liam McCarty (175.25 lbs) vs. Tony Castillo (172.75 lbs)
Steven “The Hooligan” Ray (186 lbs) vs. Kyle Bracey (185.5 lbs)
Brandi Hainey (128 lbs) vs. Yadira “Ya Ya” Anzaldua (124.5 lbs)
William Tyler Dodson (138.75 lbs) vs. Jarod Lopez (145.5 lbs)
Joshua Milward (172 lbs) vs. Eric Rodriguez (185.5 lbs)
Severo Padella (153.25 lbs) vs. Anselmo Luis Luna Jr. (155.25 lbs)
Allen Chase Watson (242.75 lbs) vs. Josh “The Lunatic” Luna (228.25 lbs)

Interview with MMA Ring Announcer Patrick Stanger “Voice of the Cage”

Interview with MMA Ring Announcer Patrick Stanger “Voice of the Cage.”  Patrick talks about his MMA style and niche, his stint in the movie “Circle of Pain” and his experience with Austin’s Pro MMA Fight Promotion – King of Kombat.

As a Ring Announcer it’s Patrick Stanger’s job to get the crowd excited and to keep them enthused throughout the night. Even among this tight niche, he has chosen to follow an even finer line by focusing primarily on “MMA” ring announcing. Regarding his energetic style, he has often been referred to as the “Metallica of ring announcing.”

While many of the announcers of today continue the traditional boxing style of announcing, Patrick Stanger is determined to build his unique brand of announcing to entertain the fans and promote the fighters with a style to match the enthusiasm of MMA. Enjoy the interview with Patrick Stanger “Voice of the Cage.”

Visit Patrick Stanger @ VoiceoftheCage.com

UFC 106: Ortiz vs. Griffin 2

tito vs griffinUFC 106 was originally scheduled to feature Lesnar vs. Carwin but Lesnar was forced to pull out because of a possible career ending illness and the UFC was forced to come up with a new main event to keep interested alive in the event. They decided to move Tito Ortiz to the main event but switched out Mark Coleman for Forrest Griffin. The move set up a rematch of UFC 59 that Ortiz won through a controversial split decision. It was the first loss for Griffin in the Octagon but the fight gave him confidence that he could fight with the best.

The fight was a back and forth affair that saw Tito take Griffin to the mat in the first round and put his ground-and-pound expertise to work on the resilient Griffin. Although some could make an argument that the fight could have been stopped during that flurry of punches, the badly bloody Griffin survived and regrouped in between rounds. The next two rounds saw Forrest stuff take down after take attempt disheartening Tito. Griffin took advantage and landed punch after punch. The fight had the crowd cheering wildly and went to the scorecards. Ortiz cheered emphatically as the verdict was rendered. Many in the crowd booed the decision loudly and after three years, UFC fans will finally get the rematch they’ve longed for.

Both fighters are coming off losses and are in pivotal points in their career. Both fighters are in desperation mode and need wins to once again solidify their status as elite level fighters. Forrest Griffin is coming off an embarrassing knockout loss to the middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and in doing so suffered his first back-to-back loss of his career. Tito has not fought in a year and a half and is coming off back surgery. His last action in the Octagon was against the light heavyweight champ, Lyoto Machida. Lyoto picked Tito apart and dominated the fight until the final minute when Ortiz slapped a triangle-choke on Machida and nearly submitted him. Does the former light heavyweight king, Tito Ortiz have what it takes to once again climb to the top of the division? A win tonight would put him well on his way to a title shot.

The winner of this fight will be the hungrier fighter. Who wants it more? Will the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz’s desire to reign atop the light division carry him to a win or will the bad taste left in the mouth of Forrest Griffin be the force that leads him to a much needed win? We will find out tonight at 9 pm/central on pay-per-view.

photos courtesy:sherdog.com