Billy Buch Vs Gerardo Botello :: ALAMO SHOWDOWN

Billy Buch statement to after the fight. “There were a lot of prayers for me on this fight. I owe it all to my family, friends and most importantly God. I prayed not that I would win but that I would do the best that I could do.”

Billy Buch Vs Gerardo Botello ROUND 1

Billy Buch Vs Gerardo Botello ROUND 2

Billy Buch Vs Gerardo Botello ROUND 3

Cageside Media by: Chris Lopez Jr.

10 thoughts on “Billy Buch Vs Gerardo Botello :: ALAMO SHOWDOWN”

  1. I worked the corner for Jerry and didnt remember hearing the tens second warning before the bell, Jerry floored Billy with a punch as soon as he hit the ground we heard the bell. Please prove to me that I am wrong and do what you can to put that second round up.

  2. I mean no dis-respect to Billy Buch, he fought a great fight and rules are rules and every fighter deserves a fair opportunity in every round, every fight. Like i said, I hope I am wrong about this and just didnt hear the ten second warning over the crowd or something. Billy congrats your win keep fighting strong, this is not about you in any way, I just want to make sure this is taken care of now.

  3. I stand corrected Like I said before I dont want to take anything away from the fighters, that was a great fight two awesome fighters. Congrats to both on what was to most people the fight of the night.

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