Texas Fight Schedule 2016: Pro and Amateur MMA Fight Promotions

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

01/09/16 Dominion Warrior, Dallas
01/15/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
01/22/16 Legacy Promotions, Houston
01/23/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
01/29/16 Kick Ass Promotions, Laredo
02/12/16 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
02/19/16 Bellator, Houston
03/26/16 JC Fight Promotions, San Antonio
04/08/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
06/17/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
06/24/16 Legacy, Dallas
07/16/16 STFC, McAllen
07/23/16 Superior Combative Championships (SCC) DBA Stephen Lawhorn, Tyler
07/29/16 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
08/06/16 Ignite Fighting Championship, Amarillo
08/12/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth
09/10/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
09/16/16 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
10/14/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth
10/14/16 Legacy, Dallas
10/15/16 Xtreme Combat Productions, Corpus Christi
11/04/16 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble
11/05/16 Texas Premier Fight Promotions, Midland
11/05/16 STFC, McAllen
11/05/16 Back Alley Promotions (XKO), Dallas
11/19/16 Fury Fighting Championships, San Antonio
12/02/16 Legacy, Houston
12/02/16 Superior Combative Championships, Ft. Worth

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
08/05/16 Triple A Promotions, Laredo

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

01/09/16 Domination Fighting Championship, Dallas
01/09/16 Icon Amateur Sports Association (IASA), Victoria
06/17/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
06/24/16 USACA, Dallas
07/16/16 South Texas Fighting Championships – Amateur (STFCA), McAllen
07/23/16 Texas Clash, Robstown
10/01/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
10/14/16 USACA, Dallas
10/15/16 Icon (IASA), Austin
10/15/16 Xtreme Combat Amateur Association, Corpus Christi
10/22/16 Texas Clash, Beeville
11/04/16 Garcia Promotions, Humble
11/05/16 South Texas Fighting Championships (STFC) – Amateur, McAllen


01/12/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
01/16/16 Grande Promotions, Eagle Pass
01/16/16 Blue Chip Promotions, Houston
01/16/16 Top Rank, Dallas
01/16/16 Big Card, Dallas
01/19/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/09/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/16/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
02/27/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
03/15/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
03/22/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
04/05/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
06/18/16 G & M Boxing, Houston
06/25/16 Top Rank, Dallas
06/25/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
06/28/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
07/22/16 Gatica Boxing, Austin
07/23/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
07/23/16 Golden Eagle, El Paso
07/29/16 Cavazos Boxing, Pharr
07/30/16 Jesse Rodriguez, Waco
08/20/16 Big Card Promotions, Dallas
08/20/16 Back Alley (XKO), Dallas
09/03/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
09/10/16 Golden Eagle, El Paso
09/10/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
09/24/16 Silver Promotions, Pharr
10/08/16 Panterita Promotions, Brownsville
10/15/16 Icon Production Group, Austin
10/15/16 Leija/Battah, El Paso
10/21/16 Texas Rage, Pharr
10/21/16 Golden Eagle Promotions, Midland
10/29/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
11/05/16 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
11/12/16 Gatica, Austin
11/12/16 Cavazos Boxing Promotions, Pharr
12/03/16 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
12/03/16 Underwood Promotions, Killeen
05/05/17 Gatica, Austin

“Once the Cage Door is Shut, I am Ready!” Geoff C. Neal Interview

One of the bouts going down April 19th in Odessa/Midland, Texas (Twenty Four Seven Entertainment) for what I believe to be their best card to date! Interview with Geoff  “Handz of Steel” Neal, representing Twin Wolves MMA out of Harker Heights, TX. Let’s do this!

sPidA: With having fights fall thru, does that discourage you in any way from competition?

HoS: No not at all. It’s just a part of fighting I guess. I know this won’t always happen. It just gives me more time to train and better myself.

sPidA: You still compete in grappling tournaments, will those always be part of your outlet?

HoS: Yes, always. I like to stand up and fight but grappling tournaments force me to rely on only my ground game which is (what I think) the weaker part of my game.

sPidA: Your last fight was for the XKO promotion in Arlington, TX. That fight was still up in the air to the last minute, how did that affect you mentally?

HoS: Honestly, with that fight I had the hardest time mentally getting ready for it. Not only was I fighting a tough opponent, I was fighting someone who had finished one of my good friends/teammate in the first round of his last fight and I saw the whole thing front row. It took me awhile to get ready but once the Cage door was shut, I knew I was ready.

sPidA: Your fight for 24/7 Entertainment you have a test in Martin Sano, would you say the same for him?

HoS: I guess I would. He’s tough but I’m tough too. It’s going to be like looking in a mirror.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent and are you looking to make a statement?

HoS: Not too much. He only has one video up on youtube but its from like 2years ago. So I would be a fool to base him off that one video. All I really know is that he likes to stand and that he now trains at Team Wand in Las Vegas. I’m not worried about making “statements” right now. I’m just looking to win.

sPidA: There has been talk of you dropping to the 155lb weight division, is that still a possibility after this bout?

HoS: Yes, I already have plans to make that move in August sometime. All I have to do is stop eating like a pig.  A lot of people think I won’t be able to make it but they forget that my first two ammy fights were at 155. I know I can make it but I want to see if I can make weight and perform at the best of my abilities the next day. If not I’m perfectly fine with 170.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro and best of luck with your upcoming bout. Anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

HoS: I would like to thank my friends, family, coaches, as well as my sponsor FightLabel.com. And of course thank TexasFighting.com for the interview.

“Losing Is Something I won’t Settle For” – A Few Words With Shawn Cool

Shawn The Freak Cool

Shawn Cool will be entering the Cage for the 2nd time in San Antonio for Premiere Combat Group. He will be testing his skills against another local fighter in Steven Trevino. Great match up with two guys who will definitely be rocking the cage on April 6th. Representing the Texas Powerhouse MMA Academy, I present to you Shawn Cool!

sPidA: You are stepping inside the Cage for the PCG Promotion once again against another local fighter from San Antonio, any pressure?

Cool: A lot of pressure. A bunch of people are coming out to support me Saturday night & losing is something I won’t settle for. I work too hard for it.

sPidA: Are you looking at eventually going Pro and pursuing a career in MMA?

Cool: Depending on how this year goes, it is a good possibility. My wife helps & supports me tremendously. I can’t thank her enough. My parents are awesome as well.


sPidA: I’ve seen you compete in grappling tournaments before, are you looking at a submission victory or keeping the fight standing up?

Cool: Honestly, I’m just looking at getting the win. Whether that be submission, TKO, or homicide. Haha

sPidA: Are you a fan of Reality TV? If so, what are your thoughts on Dana White allowing both male and female in the next season of TUF?

Cool: I am bro but I thinks it’s kind of ridiculous. Women in the same house is asking for trouble. Their will be a lot of distractions & drama for sure. I’m sure I’ll still watch it though. LOL

sPidA: As I’m sure thousands of others will be doing the same, LOL. Having a recent addition to your family (congratulations on the birth of your beautiful girl) has that changed your drive in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Cool: Thanks Spida!! It has tremendously! It’s the greatest gift in the world. People tend to forget that at 23, I work full-time, train full-time, I’m a husband, and now a father. I will make something of myself for her.

sPidA: Thank you for your time bro, any last words for those supporting you?

Cool: I would like to thank GOD of course, he continues to bless me. My beautiful girls, wife Krystalina & Daughter Avery. My parents & family, Texas Powerhouse MMA, Honor Fight Gear, all my training partners & friends that follow me. Thanks for believing in me. Thank you sPidA and TexasFighting.com for the interview, very much appreciated!

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“I Can Stand with Almost Anyone Inside the Cage” – Q&A with Alex Zaya

ARMY veteran and TAEKWONDO Specialist Alex Zaya will be stepping inside the Cage for the 2nd time this year. This will be for Premiere Combat Groups Amateur Mixed Martial Arts event at Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX on April 6th. Here’s a few words with the man.
Alex Zaya

sPidA: Since making your amateur MMA debut in Austin, TX for CAGE WAR earlier this year, how has your training changed if any?

Zaya: Well I took the fight on short notice and just came off of an injury. Only trained for a month. I’ve been mostly a boxer and worked on my stand up but I’ve been training a lot on my ground game with BTT/Texas. I’ve done a lot of strength & conditioning. I am in better shape than my last fight.

sPidA: Will fighting in your hometown add any pressure since friends and family will be in attendance?

Zaya: Yes, fighting in front of family and friends scares the heck out of me. I know I can stand with almost anyone inside the cage. I plan on stopping his ground attack and take him-out standing.

sPidA: This will be your 2nd fight in 2013…you looking to stay busy this year?

Zaya: I honestly don’t know because my children are getting older and they need me more and more. If I can find a balance I will continue to fight. I know my opponents will only get harder with each fight. My skills are decent but will get better as well.

sPidA: Your first fight was a stand up war, are you looking to test your ground game or pretty much taking it where it goes?

Zaya: My ground game is designed to get off the ground and to not get submitted or ground and pounded out but if I have an opportunity I’ll go for a submission.

sPidA: Who’s helping you with your training for this fight? Will they also be coaching you the night of the fight?

Zaya: Well of course Santo Randazzo will be in my corner and my other coach is with BTT and has 3 other fighters competing on the same card, so its just Randazzo but I am used it just being us.

sPidA: Any one you would like to thank before we wrap this up?

Zaya: I would like to thank GOD for my ability, health and children. My Coach Santo Randazzo for always having my back. Thank you Arlene Alveraz for pushing me. Thanks Sergio and Richard from BTT for beating me up in BJJ. My friends and family for supporting me.

“No Pressure, a Fight is a Fight!” Q&A with Amber Stautzenberger in Preperation for XKO’s 1st Female Fight


XKO out of Arlington, TX is going down on March 23rd with a stacked card and their first ever female fight between Amber Stautzenberger and Ashley Allen. XKO 18…here we go!!

sPidA: You made your pro debut in September against Paige VanZant, what do you feel went wrong in that fight?

APEX: I just feel that my mentality was off. I didn’t perform the way I know I can.

sPidA: Did you go into your second bout in January against Summer Artherton with something to prove?

APEX: I only had something to prove to myself. I had to prove that I can use the skills I know I have and that I do love the sport. My mentality was totally different from what it was back in September.

Ammo To Go
Credit: Ammo To Go via Amber Stautzenberger FB page

sPidA: The first female bout for XKO, any pressure going into your 3rd professional fight?

APEX: No pressure, a fight is a fight! I have been in several 1st female fights for other promotions as well.

sPidA: What do you know about your opponent? Are you looking at a game plan or just seeing where the fight goes?

APEX: I know she is comfortable anywhere but her base is jiu-jitsu. Game plans change through at a fight, but I do know that I am going to be the dictator.

sPidA: You looking at staying busy this year? Any other bouts outside MMA, Boxing, or Kickboxing?

APEX: Well after this match, I will fight in for DFC in Fargo, ND on April 20th, and again for PFS in Fort Worth, TX on May 18. I hope to keep busy this year and it would be nice to get back into jiu-jitsu tournaments. I haven’t done one since the end of 2011.

sPidA: Thank you once again and best of luck Amber. Anyone you would like to thank before your fight?

APEX: Thank you! I would like to Thank my sponsors AmmoToGo.com, Gamma Labs, M. King Construction Co. from Dilley, TX, and Michelle Holcomb FNC-P Inova Richardson. I want to thank everyone who helped me prepare for my match, especially Coach Mohler, Will Campuzano, and Tristan Grimsley.