JC Promotions is Coming to the Rio Grande Valley and Looking to Make a Generous Impact!

Jeff BonugliRGV, TX, January 7, 2013 — JC Promotions is coming to the Rio Grande Valley March 15th! They’re not only looking to bring an exciting event to South Texas but to become the new home for many of the local mma fighters all across Texas. The promoter has been involved in martial arts for close to 40 years, is a former full-contact fighter himself, and one might add, a large contributor to the local fight scene.

He’s hitting the mma scene hard and looking to make a generous impact. A concern he has expressed to us at TexasFighting.com is that he can remember “fighting for the same scraps the fighters of today are competing for.” While their are a few exceptions, according to JC Promotions, “most promoters don’t care about the fighters and all that is about to change.”

Knowing the financial sacrifice involved with training full-time, JC Promotions will offer a paid contract for the fighters who prove themselves in the cage. This contract will include a monthly training salary, on top of the purse involved in each fight. Perhaps the greatest innovation for fighters on contract will be an arrangement to also be paid during injury recovery.

JC Promotions: “One fighter will be fighting to win a contract and the other will be fighting to keep it. This will create the ultimate proving ground for the best of the best in Texas cagefighting.”

“More information regarding JC Promotions to come”

Texas Fight Schedule [2013 Archives]

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

01/12/13 Back Alley Promotions, Arlington
01/25/13 Dominion Warrior, Plano
01/26/13 Big Dawg Promotions, Conroe
02/01/13 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
02/22/13 South Texas Fight Championships, McAllen
03/01/13 Legacy Promotions, Houston
03/02/13 Premier Fights, Ft. Worth
03/09/13 Element Fighting Championship, Plano
03/16/13 JC Productions, Pharr
03/23/13 Xtreme Combat and ABG Promotions, Corpus Christi
03/23/13 Back Alley Promotions, Arlington
04/06/13 Premier Fight Association, Abilene
04/12/13 Legacy Promotions, Dallas
04/19/13 24/7 Entertainment, Odessa
05/18/13 Jesse Rodriguez, Ft. Worth
05/24/13 STFC, McAllen
05/31/13 Legacy Promotions, Corpus Christi
06/21/13 J&C Productions, Pharr
06/28/13 Kick Ass Promotions, Austin
07/19/13 Legacy Promotions, Houston
07/26/13 Kick Ass Promotions, Austin
08/10/13 24/7 Entertainment, San Angelo
08/17/13 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
08/23/13 Legacy Promotions, Lubbock
09/06/13 STFC, McAllen
09/13/13 Legacy Promotions, Corpus Christi
09/28/13 J&C Productions, Beaumont
10/11/13 Legacy Promotions, Dallas
10/19/13 UFC, Houston
10/26/13 24/7 Entertainment, Odessa
11/01/13 STFC, McAllen
11/15/13 Legacy Promotions, Houston
11/16/13 Premier Fight Association (PFA), Abilene
12/06/13 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
01/16/14 Orthrus Promotions, Ft. Worth
01/18/14 Back Alley Promotions, Arlington
01/31/14 Legacy Promotions, Houston
02/21/14 Legacy Promotions, San Antonio
03/01/14 STFC, McAllen
03/01/14 24/7 Entertainment, Midland
03/15/14 UFC, Dallas
04/11/14 Legacy Promotions, Allen

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
03/15/13 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
03/30/13 Bigdwag Promotions, Galveston
05/11/13 Solid Knockout Promotions, Robstown
06/15/13 Solid Knockout Promotions, Beeville
06/20/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
07/19/13 Legacy Promotions, Houston
07/26/13 Rocktagon MMA, El Paso
08/17/13 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
08/23/13 Legacy Promotions, Lubbock
08/30/13 Kick Ass Promotions, Austin
08/31/13 Solid Knockout Promotions, Robstown
09/14/13 Icon Production Group, Austin
09/20/13 Solid Knockout Promotions, Beeville
09/27/13 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
11/09/13 Bigdawg Promotions, Galveston
01/11/14 Jesse Rodriguez Promotions, Ft. Worth

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

01/12/13 IFC, Amarillo
01/18/13 TCF, Austin
01/26/13 SPAMMA, Lubbock
02/09/13 ABG/Xtreme, Corpus Christi
02/16/13 TAMI, Mesquite
02/16/13 24/7, Midland
02/23/13 CDM, Bryan
03/23/13 SMA, Tyler
03/23/13 Garcia Promotions, Humble
03/29/13 SCC, Galveston
04/06/13 PCG, San Antonio
04/06/13 USACA, Houston
04/13/13 IFC, Amarillo
04/13/13 TRCAA, Beaumont
04/27/13 ABG, Killeen
05/17/13 Garcia Promotions, Humble
05/17/13 TRCAA, Victoria
05/18/13 SPAMMA, Lubbock
05/24/13 IFC, Perryton
06/01/13 24/7, Midland
06/08/13 PCG, San Antonio
06/08/13 USACA, Houston
06/15/13 PFA, Abilene
06/15/13 Kick Ass Productions, Austin
06/22/13 IFC, Amarillo
06/29/13 EW, Austin
07/20/13 TAMI, Mesquite
07/27/13 IASA, Austin
08/02/13 Superior Combative Championships (SCC), Galveston
08/10/13 24/7 Entertainment, San Angelo
08/16/13 Athletic Boxing Gym (ABG), Hurst
08/17/13 Premiere Combat Group (PCG), San Antonio
08/31/13 CDM, Bryan
08/31/13 USACA, Houston
09/07/13 Enlightened Warriors (EW), Austin
09/07/13 Athletic Boxing Gym (ABG), Corpus Christi
09/21/13 Ignite Fighting Championship (IFC), Amarillo
12/07/13 Xtreme Combat Productions and Athletic Boxing Gym, Corpus Christi
12/13/13 Savarese Amateur Association (SAA), Houston
12/14/13 United States Amateur Combative Association (USACA), Houston
12/14/13 CDM Boxing, Angleton
12/21/13 Icon Amateur Sports Association (IASA), Austin
01/11/14 24/7 Entertainment, Midland


01/10/13 Savarese Promotionsm, Houston
01/18/13 Paulie Ayala Promotions, Ft. Worth
01/26/13 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
02/02/13 Top Rank, McAllen
02/09/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Hurst
02/20/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
02/22/13 South Coast Promotions, Houston
02/28/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Dallas
03/02/13 Leija/Battah, San Antonio
03/08/13 South Coast Promotions, Aransas Pass
03/23/13 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
03/30/13 Triple A Promotions, Victoria
04/04/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
04/06/13 A.L. Goins Enterprise, Dallas
04/13/13 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija/Battah, Corpus Christi
04/19/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Hurst
04/19/13 Paulie Ayala Productions, Ft. Worth
04/20/13 Leija/Battah and Golden Boy Promotions, San Antonio
04/26/13 Cavazos Boxing, Pharr
04/27/13 Top Rank, Austin
05/02/13 Zeferino Entertainment, El Paso
05/04/13 Larry Mark Polsky, South Padre Island
05/09/13 Real Estate Council FightNight, Dallas
05/11/13 South Coast Promotions, Humble
05/11/13 Top Rank, Laredo
05/16/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
05/17/13 Triple A Promotions, Floresville
06/08/13 Black Gloves Boxing, Dallas
06/08/13 Top Rank, Houston
06/14/13 Paulie Ayala Productions, Ft. Worth
06/15/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Arlington
06/15/13 Top Rank, Dallas
06/20/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
06/22/13 South Coast Promotions, San Antonio – CANCELED
06/28/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Arlington
07/05/13 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
07/05/13 Joe Dumas Promotions, Tyler
07/20/13 South Coast Promotion, Houston
07/26/13 Cavazos Boxing, McAllen
07/27/13 Golden Boy and Leija-Battah, San Antonio
08/17/13 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
08/10/13 J&G Boxing Promotions, Dallas
08/16/13 Triple A Promotions, Harlingen
08/17/13 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
08/17/13 Top Rank, Laredo
08/23/13 Paulie Ayala Promotions, Ft. Worth
08/24/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Hurst
08/24/13 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
09/02/13 Leija-Battah Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions, San Antonio
09/07/13 Rocktagon MMA, Austin
09/14/13 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
09/21/13 Triple A Promotions, Austin
09/21/13 Savarese Promotions, Houston
09/28/13 Rocktagon MMA, El Paso
09/28/13 South Coast Promotions, Houston
10/05/13 Mario Davila Media, LLC, Pharr
10/12/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Arlington
10/26/13 Paulie Ayala Promotions, Ft. Worth
11/02/13 Leija-Battah Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions, San Antonio
12/07/13 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
12/07/13 Triple A Promotions, Harlingen
12/14/13 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
12/20/13 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
01/11/14 Garcia Scratch Hard Promotion, San Antonio
01/30/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
01/31/14 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
02/10/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
02/28/14 Rocktagon, El Paso
03/03/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
04/19/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
04/24/14 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
05/12/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
06/23/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
08/18/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio



(Subject to Change)

155lbs XKO TITLE FIGHT – SPONSORED BY NEXBANK – UNDEFEATED IN XKO DONNIE “THE BOMBER’ BELL (5-2 THE GYM) vs UNDEFEATED FIGHTER BRAD MITCHELL (2-0 DALLAS JAWBREAKERS) – The vacated title will feature the best 155lbs fighters in XKO. This is a highly anticipated matchup between Donnie Bell a well-rounded fighter with a strong wrestling background and powerful striking faces XKO “Knockout artist” and MMA standout Brad Mitchell. Brad is the only fighter in XKO to beat XKO Champion Steven Peterson and “KO” premier fighter Chris Pecero. This promises to bring fireworks!

145lbs XKO TITLE FIGHT DOUGLAS FREY (10-8 MOHLERS) vs CHRIS PECERO (6-4 AMERICAN REVOLUTION) – Chris Pecero makes his return to the XKO cage after a “fight of the night” performance at XKO with UFC TUF Fighter James Vick. Chris Pecero recently stepped down from the 155lb weight class to pursue his career in the 145lbs division. Chris Pecero who has faced the top athletes in XKO (Chris Jones, James Vick, Brad Mitchell) is ready for another title shot. He faces MMA Veteran Douglas “The Pale Horse” Frey. Frey is a veteran in XKO and no stranger to title fights including his “Fight of the Year” performance for the 135lb belt. With both fighters at the top of their game this fight has “Fight of the Night” written all over it! “I am extremely excited about the matchup and believe it’s going to be a fun fight. He’s a very talented fighter” – Douglas Frey

135lbs ALEX RUSS (3-1 THE GYM) vs TRISTIAN GRIMSLEY (2-2 FITNESS FIGHT FACTORY) It’s hard to describe the excitement for this fight! Alex Russ is making his much anticipated return after over a one year absence from the cage. His last fight was a heart pounding championship fight with Steven Peterson that had the packed XKO arena on their feet the entire fight! Russ looks to return to the cage in top physical shape and ready to take on Tristain Grimsley. Grimsley is no stranger to XKO taking on some of the top 135lb fighters in the Metroplex and he did not hesitate to take this fight. Both fighters are hungry to get back into XKO square cage and are up for any challenge. If you want to see an explosive fast paced fight then this is your matchup!

185lbs ZACK BOARD (0-1 PHALANX MMA) vs BRIAN CHEATHAM (0-1 DALLAS MMA 300) Zack Board made his professional debut at XKO with an impressive fight against wrestler Beau Hohmann. Zack has not stepped back in the cage since that fight took place over a year and a half ago. Zack is a very well rounded fighter with great striking abilities. He takes on Brian Cheatham who is no stranger to XKO. Brian made his debut against JJ Holmes, fought a tough fight but eventually lost to the extremely talented wrestler. This fight will display great stand-up with both fighters wanting to keep the fight on their feet. “I have tried to match the two fighters here at XKO for over a year, but due to conflicting schedules and injuries I was unable to match them up. I believe that this matchup could be “fight of the night” and I’m extremely excited to see it finally happen on Oct. 20th” –Thomas Bussey

130lbs KYLE HESSLER (DEBUT THE GYM ) vs HOMERO GARCIA (0-1 MOHLERS, TEXAS FIGHT CLUB) If you are wanting to see a fast-paced action packed fight then this is your fight! Both fighters are coming in with solid striking and are the lightest on the fight card. Wanting to eventually move to the 125 division both fighters agreed to do a catch weight at 130lbs.This fight will be a battle of technique in striking and a good solid fight! With Kyle making his pro-debut and Homero coming back to redeem his loss this should make for an intense fight.

185lbs SHANNON WHITFIELD (DEBUT METROFLEX FT WORTH) vs ALFREDO LEIJA (DEBUT OCTAGON MMA) Fighting at 185lbs you can expect a knockout in this fight! Both fighters are heavy handed and are ready for war. Alfredo will be making his professional debut with some of the best trainers in his corner and fighting out of Octagon MMA. Shannon did not hesitate when taking this fight. Training out of Metroflex MMA he will defiantly bring his A Game. This matchup will be a classic striker vs wrestler and should get the fans on their feet!

145lbs CASEY HUDSON (1-2 ARLINGTON,TX) vs JAIME ANAYA (DEBUT COBRA JIU-JITSU) Casey Hudson returns to XKO looking to get his first win inside the square cage. Hudson a “fight of the night” nominee is a very talented fighter losing very close battles. He is an excited fighter who has a great wrestling background but has been focusing on his boxing. He takes on XKO newcomer Jaime Anaya. Ayana will be making his pro-debut after a stellar amateur career. Ayana has had many of his battles go the distance just like Casey Hudson. I see this fight going to the judges with a split decision!

135lbs SKYLER CAWDREY(1-1TEXAS FIGHTING SYNDICATE) vs PATRICK YBARRA (1-0 AMERICAN REVOLUTION) This is a fight that not only the fight fan wants to see but the fighters are buzzing about. Cawdrey is an exciting fighter that will entertain the fight fan. He comes out and gives it 120% everytime. Ybarra is another fighter looking to make an impact at XKO. He is traveling to the Arlington area with training partner and XKO title contender Chris Pecero. Both fighters are experienced and well rounded. This could be another “fight of the night” matchup!


When: Xtreme Knockout 16 – Saturday OCT 20TH, 2012 Pre-Fight Party at 6pm, Fights start at 8pm.

Where: THE GYM COMBATIVE SPORTS ARENA 921 W. Mayfield Rd. Suite #112 Arlington, TX 76015

*Official XKO Weigh–ins: Friday, October 19th at 3pm at The Improv Comedy Club in The Arlington Highlands, 309 Cutis Mathes Way Suite 147, 817-635-5555. ALL MEDIA WELCOME, family, friends and guests welcome! Come out and support the TOP fighters in Texas and watch as the fighter’s “face off” for the first time before they step into the cage! (FREE – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

Tickets are available for purchase at THE GYM, Rustys Billiards and www.xtremeknockout.com – $30 general admission and $35 when purchased at the door. Ringside Reserved starts at $75, VIP tables start at $400 (limited tables) CORONA beer, MMA Merchandise and Concessions are available for purchase at the event!

Legacy Fighting Championships 14: Official Fight Card [Video]

Legacy Fighting Championships 14

September 14th at the Houston Arena Theatre Jorge “Macaco” Patino defends his welterweight title against Jeff “The Executioner” Rexroad. Get your tickets now for what looks to be the fight card of the year at Cage Tix. Doors 6, prelims 7. Main card starts at 9 .

“UPDATE: Legacy Fighting Championship welterweight titlist Jorge Patino has suffered a knee injury and will be unable to defend his belt against Jeff Rexroad in the main event of Legacy FC 14.

Sherdog.com confirmed the news Wednesday night with Legacy promoter Mick Maynard, who stated that Patino sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee. As a result, Rexroad (Pictured, left) will now square off with Lucas Pimenta Borges for an interim welterweight title in the Sept. 14 main event.” via Sherdog

Welterweight title – Jeff Rexroad 5-1 v. Macaco 27 -13 – 5 x 5
125 – Josh Sampo 8-2 v. Antonio Banuelos 20-8 – 3 x 5
135 – Cody Williams 4-2 v. Steven Peterson 7-2 – 3 x 5
170 – Brandon Farran 7-4 v. Derrick Krantz 12-6 – 3 x 5
170 – Lester Batres 2-1 v. Jon Harris – 5-2 – 3 x 5
125 – Matt Schnell 0-0 v. Ryan Hollis 0-0 – 3 x 3
145 – Darrion Caldwell 0-0 v. David Armas 2-4 – 3 x 3
170 – Ryan Spann v. Charlie Ontiveros – 3 x 3
205 – Yonny Osuna v. Chris Reed – 3 x 3
180 – Patrick Hutton v. Terrance Ferguson – 3 x 3
170 – Patrick Greene v. Kaileb Cummins – 3 x 3

Meet MMA Legend Frank Trigg at the 2012 Europa Get Fit & Sports Expo in Dallas [Press Release]

Press Release: Las Vegas, NV – August 14, 2012

Trigg will also appear as a special guest at the Legacy Fighting Championship 13 weigh-ins and fight event at the Dallas Convention Center on August 17

– This week fight fans in Texas have the opportunity to meet one of MMA’s most recognized personalities! MMA veteran Frank Trigg will be making several appearances in Dallas, Texas August 16 -18. Trigg will be a special guest at the Legacy Fighting Championship 13 weigh-ins and fight event and will be attending the 2012 Europa Get Fit and Sports Expo.

According to Frank Trigg, “It’s always great visiting with the fight fans in Dallas. I’ll be attending several events while I’m in town, including the Legacy FC weigh-ins and fight event and the Europa Expo. Legacy always puts on a great show. I’m looking forward to watching some great fights and meeting with fans. I’ll be at the Last Round Nutrition booth during the expo doing autograph sessions, including a signing with Jake Rosholt on Saturday. It’s going to be a great time!”

Weigh-ins for Legacy Fighting Championship 13 (LFC 13) will take place on Thursday, August 16 at North Texas Yamaha in Lewisville, Texas and will begin promptly at 2:00pm. The LFC 13 fight event will take place on Friday, August 17 at the Dallas Convention Center. Fights will begin at 7:00 pm.

Trigg will be attending the Europa Get Fit & Sports Expo at the Dallas Convention Center on Friday, August 17 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm and on Saturday, August 18 from 9:00am to 8:00pm. Trigg will be in the Last Round Nutrition booth. For more information on the Europa Expo including competition schedules and booth locations, please visit www.europaexpo.com.

About Frank Trigg:
UFC veteran Frank Trigg is a mixed martial arts fighter, color commentator, television personality, radio host, and MMA spokesman. Trigg has fought for some of the most prestigious fight promotions in the world, including Ultimate Fighting Championship, PRIDE Fighting Championships, Rumble on the Rock, Icon Sport and World Fighting Alliance. As a Color Commentator, Trigg has called the fight action for many notable MMA promotions, including the Sungoku Raiden Championships (SRC), Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC), Legacy Fighting Championships, Dream Fighting Championships in Japan, and many others.

Media Contact:
Melissa Ingram
Twitter: @ingrampr

MMA Seminar: Come train with UFC Fighter Urijah Faber at the Dallas Convention Center Aug 17-18

MMA Seminar Hosted by our friends at Torque Sports and Performance
Train with former World Champ & UFC Vet Urijah Faber Aug 17-18

MMA Seminar: Train with UFC Fighter Urijah Faber at the Dallas Convention Center Aug 17-18