Texas Fight Schedule 2017: Pro and Amateur MMA Fight Promotions

All Fights are subject to change or cancellation.

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

03/10/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, San Antonio
04/01/17 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
04/08/17 Strike League, Cedar Park
04/08/17 Icon Production Group, Victoria
04/22/17 Stephen Lawhorn DBA Superior Combative Championships (SCC), Bryan-College Station
04/28/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
05/13/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Robstown
05/18/17 South Texas Fighting Championships, McAllen
06/10/17 Fury Fighting Championships, San Antonio
06/23/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, Houston
07/14/17 Legacy Promotions DBA Legacy Fighting Alliance, Dallas
07/15/17 Fist Fight League, Amarillo
07/22/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
07/28/17 Icon Production Group, Pharr
08/12/17 Strike League, Austin
08/25/17 South Texas Fighting Championships (STFC), McAllen
9/29/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble
9/30/17 Fist Fight, Amarillo
10/13/17 TS-1 Promotions, San Antonio
12/16/17 Fury Fighting Championships, Humble

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
02/25/17 Texas Rage, Pharr
03/04/17 Xtreme Combat Productions LLC, Robstown
04/15/17 Xtreme Combat, Corpus Christi
04/29/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston
07/28/17 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
08/26/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston (boxing and kickboxing)
11/18/17 CDM Boxing Association, Houston (boxing, MMA, kickboxing),

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

02/17/17 Garcia Promotions, Humble
03/04/17 Eastside Austin Fights, Austin
03/04/17 Xtreme Combat Amateur Association, Corpus Christi
03/17/17 Garcia Promotions, Humble
06/17/17 Texas Premier Fight Promotions, Andrews
06/23/17 USACA, Houston
06/24/17 Texas Clash, Kingsville
07/14/17 USACA, Dallas


03/04/17 Scratch Hard Promotions, San Antonio
03/24/17 RTS Boxing, Humble
03/25/17 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
04/14/17 Jesse Rodriguez Promotions, Dallas
04/22/17 Texas Rage, Pharr
04/22/17 Silver Promotions, Pharr
04/27/17 Real Estate Council, Dallas
04/29/17 Underwood Promotions, Austin
05/05/17 Gatica Promotions, Austin
06/16/17 Blue Chip Promotions, Humble
06/16/17 Top Show Promotions, Houston
06/17/17 Golden Boy Promotions, Frisco
06/24/17 Triple A Promotions and Famoso Productions, San Antonio
06/30/17 Golden Eagle Boxing Promotions, Dallas
06/30/17 RTS Boxing, Humble
07/29/17 Big Lou’s Lionheart Promotions (Savarese), Houston
08/05/17 Undercard Promotions, Waco
08/19/17 Undercard Promotions, Ft. Worth
09/08/17 Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
09/09/17 Triple A Promotions, San Antonio
9/15/17 CDM, Houston
9/22/17 Davila Promotions, Brownsville
9/23/17 Ring Star, San Antonio
9/29/17 Roy Jones, Ft. Worth
09/30/17 Reyna Promotions, Corpus Christi
10/12/17 Golden Eagle Promotions, Dallas
10/13/17 Blue Chip Promotions, Humble
10/14/17 AAA Promotions, Mercedes
10/21/17 Gutierrez Promotions, Robstown
12/08/17 RTS Boxing, Humble

Texas Fight Schedule [2014 Archives]

Pro Mixed Martial Arts

01/16/14 Orthrus Promotions, Ft. Worth
01/17/13 Rocktagon MMA, El Paso
01/18/14 Back Alley Promotions, Arlington
01/31/14 Legacy Promotions, Houston
02/01/14 J & C Productions, Harlingen
02/15/14 TAMI Amateur Combative Sports Promotions, Arlington
02/21/14 Legacy Promotions, Dallas
03/01/14 STFC, McAllen
03/01/14 24/7 Entertainment, Midland
03/15/14 UFC, Dallas
04/11/14 Legacy Promotions, Allen
04/19/14 Premier Fight Association, Snyder
04/25/14 Rocktagon MAA, El Paso
04/26/14 IFC, Amarillo
05/10/14 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
05/16/14 STFC, McAllen
06/14/14 J and C Promotions, Brownsville
06/28/14 UFC, San Antonio
07/12/14 24/7, Midland
07/18/14 Legacy Promotions, Houston
07/25/14 STFC, Victoria
08/16/14 IFC, Plainview
09/05/14 STFC, McAllen
09/20/14 IFC, Lubbock
10/17/14 Legacy Promotions, Dallas
10/18/14 Texas Premier Fight Promotions, Midland
11/01/14 IFC, Amarillo
11/07/14 STFC, McAllen
11/14/14 Legacy Promotions, Houston
11/22/14 UFC, Austin
12/12/14 Legacy Promotions, Houston
01/10/15 Fury Fighting Championship, San Antonio
01/10/15 Xtreme MMA, Corpus Christi (pro and amateur)
01/17/15 J and C Promotions, Brownsville
01/17/15 Back Alley, Arlington
01/30/15 Premiere Fight, Midland
02/13/15 Fury Fighting Championship, Humble

Combination Events (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts)
01/11/14 Jesse Rodriguez Promotions, Ft. Worth
02/08/14 Xtreme Combat Productions, Robstown
02/28/14 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
03/22/14 Solid Knockout Promotions, Kingsville
04/05/14 Jesse Rodriguez Promotion, Ft. Worth
04/10/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
05/29/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
07/19/14 Big Dawg Promotions, Galveston
08/02/14 Solid Knockout, Kingsville
08/07/14 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
08/16/14 Savarese Promotions, Texas City
09/13/14 Solid Knockout Promotions, Beeville
01/16/15 Triple A Promotions, Laredo
01/17/15 Saverese Promotions, Houston

Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

01/11/14 24/7 Entertainment, Midland
02/15/14 Superior Combative Championship (SCC), Galveston
02/21/14 Enlightened Warriors, Austin
02/22/14 Icon Amateur Sports Association, Austin
02/22/14 Savarese Amateur Association, Houston
03/08/14 American Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization (AAMMAO), San Antonio
04/05/14 Icon Amateur Sports Association, Austin – CANCELED
04/12/14 Defiant Fighting Championship, San Antonio – CANCELED
04/12/14 Songahm Martial Arts, Longview
04/18/14 Enlightened Warriors, Austin
04/25/14 TAMI, Arlington
07/12/14 USACA, Houston
07/26/14 USACA, Austin
07/26/14 IFC, Amarillo
07/26/14 South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (SPAMMA), Lubbock
07/31/14 IASA, Victoria
08/01/14 SCC, Galveston
08/08/14 CHASM Elite, Belton
08/09/14 Xtreme Combat Productions, Corpus Christi
11/15/14 Garcia Promotions, Dallas
11/20/14 USACA, Dallas
11/21/14 Icon Production Group (IASA), Victoria
11/21/14 Superior Combative Championships (SCC), Galveston
12/05/14 Savarese Amateur Association (SAA), Houston (Muay Thai)
12/06/14 CHASM Elite, Belton
12/06/14 Premiere Combat Group (PCG), San Antonio
01/10/15 Xtreme MMA, Corpus Christi (pro and amateur)


01/11/14 Garcia Scratch Hard Promotion, San Antonio
01/18/14 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
01/30/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
01/31/14 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
02/01/14 Top Rank, Laredo
02/10/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
02/27/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Dallas
02/28/14 Rocktagon, El Paso
03/01/14 Top Rank, San Antonio
03/03/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
03/08/14 Nord Boxing Promotions, Hidalgo
03/22/14 Paulie Ayala, Ft. Worth
03/28/14 Pope Promotions, Galveston
04/05/14 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
04/05/14 Solid Knockout Promotions, Pharr – CANCELED
04/12/14 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
04/17/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
04/18/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
04/24/14 Real Estate Council Foundation, Dallas
04/26/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
04/26/14 Nord Boxing Promotions, Hidalgo
05/02/14 Rocktagon MMA, El Paso
05/10/14 Escalante Promotions, El Paso
05/12/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
05/17/14 Scratch Hard Promotions, San Antonio
05/17/14 Triple A Promotions, Austin
05/30/14 Mario Davila Media, Brownsville
06/07/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
06/14/14 Black Gloves Promotions, Dallas
06/23/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio
07/18/14 Pound 4 Pound, El Paso
07/19/14 Triple A Promotions, Austin
07/24/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
07/26/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
07/26/14 South Coast Promotions, Humble
07/31/14 Aztlan Boxing Promotions, Houston
08/02/14 Nord Boxing Promotions, Pharr
08/07/14 Golden Boy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions, Corpus Christi
08/08/14 Iron Boy El Paso, El Paso
08/09/14 Top Rank, Laredo
08/16/14 Black Gloves, Dallas
08/16/14 Back Alley Promotions, Dallas
08/22/14 Paulie Ayala Productions, Ft. Worth
08/30/14 Triple A, San Antonio
09/06/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
09/12/14 Pound 4 Pound, El Paso
10/11/14 Mario Davila Media, Pharr
10/17/14 Iron Boy El Paso, El Paso
10/25/14 Standing 8 Promotions, Ft. Worth
11/06/14 Dallas Petroleum Club, Dallas
11/08/14 Top Rank, Pharr
11/15/14 Top Rank, San Antonio
11/15/14 Blue Chip Promotions, Humble
11/21/14 Savarese Promotions, Houston
11/21/14 Tejanito Promotions, El Paso
11/22/14 Undercard Promotions, Dallas
12/01/14 Leija/Battah Promotions, San Antonio
12/05/14 Blue Chip Promotions, Houston
12/06/14 Xtreme Combat Productions, Robstown
12/06/14 Golden Boy Promotions & Leija Battah Promotions, Laredo
01/17/15 League of Extraordinary Fighters Boxing Promotions, Beaumont
01/23/15 Saverese Promotions, Houston
01/26/15 Leija Battah Promotions, San Antonio

[Press Release] Rocktagon MMA Adds Lone Star State to West Coast Line-up

Rocktagon-28-El-Paso-EventPRESS RELEASE: Las Vegas, NV (July 24, 2013) – The MMA boom is underway in Texas as Rocktagon MMA Worldwide brings premium fight events to the Lone Star State. Rocktagon MMA is set to make its debut in Texas on Friday, July 26 with an ALL-Pro MMA card stacked with elite talent. The event, ‘Rocktagon 28 Journey of Champions –El Paso’ will take place at Buchanan’s Event Center in El Paso, Texas.

Rocktagon MMA has held a total of 27 events to date in cities on both coasts, primarily in Ohio and California. They are very excited to add Texas to the line-up and plan to make a positive impact when it comes to live MMA events in the state. The popular promotion hopes to reignite the MMA scene in the El Paso area by delivering consistent, high-quality MMA events that feature elite pro fighters from all over the globe.

According to James Jeda, CEO of Rocktagon MMA Worldwide, “We are very excited to bring premium MMA events to the great state of Texas. Between Ohio, California and Texas, Rocktagon will continue to infuse cities from coast to coast with top-level professional MMA events.”

‘Rocktagon 28 Journey of Champions –El Paso’ will feature a stacked ALL – Pro MMA fight card headlined by Billy “The Puerto Rican Assassin” Colon and Martin Sano Jr. The clichéd mantra, “don’t blink,” is certainly relevant considering both fighters have a 100-percent finish rate.

Colon, a submission specialist and seasoned MMA veteran, has competed all over the United States. Colon feels his significant experience in the cage will rein superior against his opponent in the Rocktagon arena. He plans to prove it by finishing Sano impressively and early on, but knows it will not be an easy feat.

At just 22-years-old, Sano exudes the kind of confidence one expects in a future champion. He is a highly touted prospect with an unblemished record, yet this will be his first fight on the big stage against a savvy veteran like Colon. It will also be his first venture from welterweight to middleweight.

Will Sano find success in the middleweight division or suffer his first defeat? Fans will find out on Friday night when both fighters lay it all on the line in the Rocktagon cage. It is a fight that will keep fans on the edge of their seat from the moment the cage door closes and the co-main event is expected to be just as exciting!

In the co-main event heavy-handed slugger Patrick “Skar” Dixon will face Fort Bliss Combatives team member Anthony Stevens. While some fighters rely on point scoring, Dixon tends to take the road less traveled, which typically consists of throwing haymakers and leaving opponents curled up in the fetal position.

Stevens, on the other hand, is a more technical fighter and consistently pushes forward. He has a smooth boxing style and is known for delivering exciting performances with wild, impressive exchanges. The contrasting styles of these dynamic fighters make for a very compelling match-up!

The Rocktagon 28 card is jam-packed with well-matched professional bouts and high-octane fights that fans want to see! The full fight card is listed below.

*’Rocktagon 28 Journey of Champions –El Paso’ Full line-up:

Billy Colon vs. Martin Sano Jr.
Patrick Dixon vs. Anthony Stevens
Rodrigo Sotello Jr. vs. Joseph Torrez
Alida Gray vs. Jessica Kennett
Jazmin Quezada vs. Stacey Sigala
David Ruelaz vs. Adam McGurk
Brian Castillo vs. Matthew Hunt
Julio Hinojosa vs. Ibrahim “Lion Heart” Eid
Jesus Urbina vs. Alan Lerma
Randy McCarty vs. Derek Perkins

*Card subject to change

Rocktagon 28 “Journey of Champions” takes place on July 26 at Buchanan’s Event Center, located at 11540 Pellicano Dr. in El Paso, Texas. Tickets starting at $30 are available online at www.RocktagonWorldwide.com. Limited VIP tables are also available by calling 440-934-4MMA.

About Rocktagon MMA:
Rocktagon MMA is the mixed martial arts division of Rocktagon Worldwide, a sports and music entertainment company. Founded in mid-2010, Rocktagon MMA has successfully completed 27 events on two coasts and is the only promotion able to offer four types of shows to meet the needs of various markets: all Amateur, all Professional, Pro-Am, and Rock-n-Rage. Rock-n-Rages are premium events combining the cage of mixed martial arts with a stage featuring live musical performances by well-known artists. All Rocktagon MMA events are streamed live globally via the Rocktagon Sports & Music Network and filmed to air on multiple networks throughout North America, including Comcast, Comcast SportsNet and the Fight Network. For more information, please visit www.Rocktagonworldwide.com

PRESS RELEASE: Amateur MMA Athletes Benefit as MMA Draft Gains Momentum

PRESS RELEASE – May 13, 2013


SACRAMENTO, Calif. MMADraft.com, a promotional platform for up-and-coming amateur combat sports athletes, has quickly become the go-to site for many of MMA’s rising stars. With the ever growing talent pool, it is becoming increasingly difficult for skilled amateur MMA fighters to identify what steps they need to take to build a successful future in the sport. Not only do they have to stand out amongst their peers as elite competitors, they have to build a presence outside of the cage as well. MMA Draft offers solutions and gives amateurs in the sport an edge on the competition.

Backed by industry influencers and fighters Urijah Faber and Phil Davis, MMADraft.com gives amateurs access to valuable resources that no other organization can offer, from media opportunities to advice from the pros. MMA Draft continues to add valuable features to the site as they evolve and according to the MMA Draft team, they are just getting started!

According to Phil Davis, “We are very excited about how quickly MMA Draft has evolved and how well it has been received in the MMA Community. MMA Draft has come a long way in a short time and we continue to find new ways to educate and promote deserving amateur athletes. The newest feature on MMADraft.com is a weekly blog called ‘The Draft Board’, authored by seasoned MMA Journalist Daniel Downes (who also writes for UFC.com). ‘The Draft Board’ touches on all subjects that pertain to Amateur MMA.”

Davis went on to say, “Daniel is also one of the experts on our MMA Draft ‘Ask a Pro’ panel (another added feature). Anyone can log on to MMADraft.com and submit a question pertaining to amateur MMA under ‘Ask a Pro’ and one of our experts will address it. Maggie Krol and Rick Lee have also joined our team and will be shooting human interest pieces and amateur MMA stories for the site. A lot of exciting things are happening at MMA Draft. We have a really big announcement coming soon, so stay tuned!”

In addition to providing great resources to amateur martial artists, the MMA Draft team actively generates publicity for their athletes through shows like ‘MMA Draft Spotlight with Trigg’, ‘The Great Debate’ Radio Show, Alchemist Radio, and many others. Registered MMA Draft athletes of all ages have the opportunity to earn their place in the spotlight. The more activity that they have on their MMA Draft profile, the more likely they are to get chosen.

Amateur martial artists of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to create a profile on www.MMADraft.com. The site is FREE to join and participating amateur athletes can upload photos and videos, document notable career achievements and more! The MMA Draft database also stores event results from Pankration, Submission Grappling, Wrestling and other sports that may lead to a career in martial arts.

About MMA Draft:
MMA Draft (www.MMADraft.com) was created for martial artists by martial artists to generate opportunities and exposure for combat sports athletes at the amateur level. It is the most comprehensive “Amateur” promotional platform of its kind and was formed by Urijah Faber and Phil Davis, accomplished MMA pros that know exactly what it takes to make it in the competitive world of mixed martial arts. MMADraft.com provides amateur fighters with a high-profile platform to showcase their skills, interactive forums to build a fan following, tips from industry pros and other valuable career resources. MMADraft.com is also a go-to source for managers, sponsors and promoters looking for talent. Additionally, MMADraft.com offers a variety of resources to parents, prospects, and fans of amateur combat sports. Resources include educational information, event info and more! MMA Draft executives are also working closely with key promotions, organizations and websites to become a central database for amateur events, seminars and results.


btt plano

MAY 25, 2013 – Murilo Bustamante JIU-JITSU & MMA SEMINAR
“Brazilian Top Team Plano is hosting a jiu-jitsu & MMA seminar at its Plano, Texas gym. Murilo Bustamante, will teach you the same techniques that propelled him to the upper echelons of the mixed martial arts world. Professor Bustamante will be here for one day only and openings are limited.”