“Always go out Guns blazing.” Interview with Will Campuzano

I contacted Will Campuzano while training in Cali with Team Alpha Male (1-12-11), thanks Micheal Brown for helping make this possible. Hands up chin down… enjoy!

sPidA: Thank you for making time for us here at TexasFighting.com. How are you man?

Will Campuzano: No problem man, I’m doing good. Just finished tonights training.

sPidA: I’ll make this brief bro. How are you prepearing for this UFC event coming up here in Texas?

Will Campuzano: I came here to Cali to train with Team Alpha Male, its hard but I’m getting myself ready.

sPidA: You were a definite stand out here in the Texas MMA scene, both as an ammateur and going Pro, how has the roller coaster ride been?

Will Campuzano: Awe man, its been great. Traveling, meeting alot of new people. Definetly a dream come true.

sPidA: Both you and Shalarus got picked up by the WEC, what was your first reaction when the UFC made there announcment of making them one company?

Will Campuzano: I wasn’t expecting it. I dont think any of us were. I’m glad they did though.

sPidA: You train up in North Texas, how did you get connected with Team Alpha Male?

Will Campuzano: I train out of Mohler in Dallas, the guys there are great! I train up here before all of my fights. I just called them up one day and flew here the next.

sPidA: I’ve seen you fight twice, do you typically go after the knockout?

Will Campuzano: I always go out guns blazing! I know the ground game but definetly go after the knockout.

sPidA: How is your ground game and what are you doing to improve it these days?

Will Campuzano: Its good and its getting better everyday. I picked up a lot of new techniques while training here.

sPidA: You are fighting in your home State and with 1 loss in the UFC, how is your mental game going into this next fight?

Will Campuzano: My mental game is always a top priority when going into a fight but I’m prepearing for everything here. I feel great!

sPidA: I hear you bro, well I do hope we get to cover this event, either way we will be supporting you as I’m sure the State of Texas will be. Any last words or people you’d like to thank?

Will Campuzano: Yea, everybody that has been helping me. My training partners, my sponsors and supporters.Thank you all!

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