Q&A with Aaron Rosa who’s Making his Pro Boxing Debut November 30th

San Antonio local and Professional Mixed Martial Artist Aaron Rosa ( 17-5 ) will be stepping inside the Boxing ring come Nov 30th at the Hurst Conference Center / Right in the Center of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. He will be competing for Standing 8 Promotions “Mid-Cities Mayhem” in a four round heavyweight fight (undercard). A veteran of Mixed Martial Arts, Aaron Rosa is still undefeated here in Texas as a Professional Mixed Martial Artist. A veteran of big events (STRIKEFORCE / BELLATOR / UFC) He has also established some great wins on B level promotions such as SHARK FIGHTS 13/Devin Cole , Titan Fighting Championship 17/Abe Wagner. Had ran into him at a local MMA Promotion here in San Antonio on Nov 17th (ALAMO SHOWDOWN 5) Having seen this guy fight his way to the bigger shows,I can honestly say I am a fan of the guy and always will be. Was able to ask him a few question:

sPidA: Long road to the get to the UFC man, what is harder, getting there or staying in it?

Rosa: Staying in the UFC is harder.

sPidA: What made you want to try out Professional boxing?

Rosa: Just want to try it man, see what happens and where it goes.

sPidA: If you could change anything in your Mixed Martial Arts career, what would it be?

Rosa: Change? Nothing , I am doing the best I can with the situation I am given.

Best of luck to Aaron Rosa. He is still undefeated in Texas so any MMA Promotions wanting a FIGHTER – HERE’S YOUR GUY!

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