” Expect the Best version of myself come Fight Night..” David “Rapid” Waters interview

A few words with Corpus Christi resident, David “Rapid” Waters… Fury Fighting Championship 36 takes place at the Richard M Borchard Fairgrounds..Lets go…

sPidA: This fight coming up, why FuryFC , why now?

Waters: I have been trying to get back on a Fury FC card, I feel they are the best Promotion to be apart of.

sPidA: You’re last fight was in March for a Title Belt, you planning on hunting Championship Titles?

Waters: Yes , very much so…

sPidA: Fighting out of KO Sports/Muay Thai..do you train and teach there as well?

Waters: Yes, I teach MMA Class there on Fridays.

sPidA: Your opponent for the Fury FC match up is explosive aswell, can we expect Fireworks or are you looking for a technical fight?

Waters: Yes, my opponent is explosive but very reckless. I expect the best version of myself come fight night and will be putting on a hell of a show for my friends and family!

sPidA: Training out of a Muay Thai gym…can we assume you’ll be keeping this fight on your feet?

Waters: I will keep the fight interesting, thats for sure!


sPidA: Will this be your last fight for the year or will you be looking for another soon after?

Waters: I hope to get another opportunity before the year ends, so long as my Coach and Family agree on it as well.

sPidA: You will be fighting in your hometown, can we expect a strong support team?

Waters: Yes , I have sold more tix for this fight than any of my previous fights locally.

sPidA: What other sports are ya involved in besides MMA?

Waters: Boxing and any sports my kids are involved in.

sPidA: Random Question:
Sky dive or Deep sea Diving and why?

Waters: Sky Diving because water is the most unforgiving elements there is.

sPidA: Thank You bro for your time, anyone you’d like to thank for this fight?

Waters: Thank you TexasFighting.com for the interview. I would like to thank my wife Kristine and kids for putting up with me having to be away from home to train. As well as everyone that purchased tickets and who is still looking to purchase tickets from me. Last but not least all of my teammates and my Coach Kirk Hubble for all the work he puts in to all of us. I also would like to thank Eric Garcia for allowing me to be apart of his promotion again.

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